Frequently Asked Questions

Coronavirus updates

What are you doing as part of your response to Coronavirus?

Answer: We have a dedicated page answering coronavirus related queries that we are updating regularly. You can read more here.

Are your opening hours any different during this time?

Answer: Yes. For our updated contact centre and live chat hours, please see our Contact Us page. Our Home Purchase and Post Sales Support teams will continue to be open 9am - 5.30pm Monday to Friday, but will be closed on Saturdays. Our Lettings support team will be open 9am - 5.30pm Monday to Friday, and 10am - 2.30pm on Saturdays.

Coronavirus queries for Landlords

I have not received the rent, what options are available to me and what is your process?

Answer: We are encouraging all tenants to continue making payment as normal and not allow debt to build up.

However, we will assess the tenant’s circumstances on a case by case basis. Other help is also available to tenants facing financial difficulty. These include Universal Credit and Housing Benefit – more details can be found on the GOV.UK website.

My tenant is due to vacate next month, can a check out still take place?

Answer: As things stand, a check-out can still take place, but we are governed by guidance from the Government and this is subject to change. Currently our check-out clerks are providing a full service, but this may change.

Would it be best to extend the current tenancy?

Answer: Based on the UK's current lockdown status, and the advice to move only when essential, we can have a conversation on an extension to the tenancy.

Do I still need to pay full management fees during this crisis?

Answer: The Purplebricks Lettings team are continuing to provide as full a service as possible within Government guidelines, therefore management fees still need to be paid. However, if you have any concerns over the payment of fees, then please speak to our collections team.

I have tenants due to move into my property, can the let still go ahead as planned?

Answer: If the let can be carried out within Government guidelines, then we will progress all move-ins as planned. However, as the situation is evolving daily, this could change at any time. For now we are open for business, using technology to help us help you.

What works or repairs are considered as emergency or essential?

Answer: With people in the UK now staying at home in line with the Government’s advice, repairs on items such as fridges, cookers or related to heating and hot water should be classed as an emergency, and as such need to be carried out as a matter of urgency.

Coronavirus queries for Tenants

Do I still need to pay my rent?

Answer: All rent payments should continue as normal. There is significant Government support for tenants currently facing financial difficulty. These include Universal Credit and Housing Benefit, details of which can be found on the GOV.UK website.

I have lost my job and don’t have the money to pay. What position does this leave me in?

Answer: If you are struggling to pay all or part of your rent, then please call us on 0800 810 8419. Our collections team will work with our tenants and landlords to try to reach a solution to address any problems before they escalate.

If you find yourself in this position, please get in touch with us as soon as possible.

I have given notice to leave my property but can now no longer move. Can I stay for longer?

Answer: As this is such an unusual time for all of the UK, many landlords are accepting extensions to tenancies. We will work with you and the landlord to see if an extension to the tenancy can be agreed.

I am in self-isolation and due to vacate, what do I do?

Answer: You will need to call us to inform us officially. We will discuss with the landlord, establish their future plans with the property and attempt to reach an agreement that works for both parties.

I have a number of maintenance issues. Can the repairs still be carried out?

Answer: Yes, provided both tenant and contractor have no symptoms of Coronavirus and the Government Guidelines on social distancing are adhered to.

I do not want to let the contractor into my property, is this acceptable?

Answer: This is a personal choice, but if emergency work is required on the property and you have no symptoms of Coronavirus, we would advise you to allow access, while following Government guidelines on social distancing at all times.

General Questions

What is included in my selling fees?

Answer: Everything is included other than the cost of an EPC (if you need one) and if you want us to conduct the viewings. In Scotland the Home Report is not included. Many customers rely on their Local Property Expert and team to manage viewings due to their experience of managing buyers and knowledge of the local housing market. Our viewings service, which covers all viewings, costs £300 or £399 in London and surrounding areas. Our viewings service in Scotland costs £399 (including Interactive 3D tour). Both prices include VAT. Around 40% of our customers choose this option. There are no hidden fees or charges.

What is included in my lettings fees?

Answer: We offer a comprehensive service including professional advice and support from a Local Property Expert who will visit your property and do everything to get your property live to the market. We offer a range of comprehensive lettings packages. Click here to find our more.

What happens if I do not sell my property?

Answer: Should your property be on the market longer than expected, we will help you review your options and conduct a full marketing review of your property every 28 days. We look at everything such as all of your previous viewings and feedback, ways to boost your viewings and we will re-evaluate the local market including details of what is selling in the area. If you decided to pay later and your property still hasn’t sold after ten months, you will, at this point, need to pay the total fee but we will still market the property for you until it has sold.

What happens if I do not let my property

Answer: Should your property be on the market longer than expected, we will help you review your options and conduct a full marketing review of your property every 28 days. We look at everything such as all of your previous viewings and feedback, ways to boost your viewings and we will re-evaluate the local market including details of what is letting in the area. You will not be liable for any fees.

Would I get more money for my property with a high street Estate Agent?

Answer: No. We will help you achieve the best possible price. We will help with negotiations and don’t forget, “my purplebricks” has been built to make sure we generate more interest from buyers/tenants and create competition when it comes to price. We judge our success on the basis of achieving the top price for our customers in a transparent way.

My property is already on the market. Can I use Purplebricks?

Answer: Yes, you can still use Purplebricks. You can choose to instruct us straight away and set the date for your marketing to start as the day your current agreement comes to an end. You could also instruct us as an additional agent, subject to the terms of your existing agency agreement.

Do you ever release my personal contact details or information?

Answer: No. We will not share any of your personal details and they will not be visible to the other party when you are communicating through “my”. We do however provide your name and contact number to the opposing party when a viewing is arranged, just in case you need to communicate on the day, before the viewing takes place (unless you are selling/letting and have chosen for Purplebricks to take care of your viewings. In these instances, we provide the name and number of the Local Property Expert).

What are your Terms and Conditions if I agree to sell or let through you?

Answer: You can view our Service Agreement by clicking here. The agreement with Purplebricks is not all about us, but what we offer and what we promise to do.

Are your Trustpilot reviews real?

Answer: We are proud of our reviews. We check all of our reviews to ensure they are from genuine customers and will follow Trustpilot’s procedures where we find any fake review, which is not from a genuine customer who has experienced our service.

How does Purplebricks work?

Answer Our guide explains how Purplebricks works.

Getting Started

How do I arrange a valuation?

Answer: You can arrange a valuation direct with one of our Local Property Experts within a few seconds, direct on our website. Simply click here and follow the on-screen instructions.

How do I register without booking a valuation?

Answer: Registering with Purplebricks only take a few minutes. Click here to start the process. You will be asked to enter some basic information about yourself (including your title, name, address, e-mail address and contact numbers) and also if you are looking to sell, let, buy or rent a property. You can then set-up a password and you are ready to go! Just to confirm there is no charge at all to register and we will never spam you.

Instructing us and creating your property advert

When do I pay my fees and how do I make payment?

Answer: All of our customers have the choice not to pay anything at the time when they engage us to sell their property. You can pay later when any of the following occurs, whichever happens first:

  • When the property sells and the legal process is complete;
  • If you withdraw your instructions for us to market the property;
  • If you withdraw from using Advanced Conveyancing;
  • Ten months from the date when you agree to use our services.

Instructing Purplebricks is easy. Just click the “INSTRUCT PURPLEBRICKS” button either on your email, in your Valuation Report or in account and follow the onscreen instructions.

Do you hold my credit card or debit card details?

Answer: The information you provide to make a purchase will not be stored by us. This information will be stored by Barclaycard (our payment provider) and only when you take advantage of a further product or service will you get the choice to use the same card details. We will then securely obtain this information back from Barclaycard.

How do I review my advert?

Answer: When your Local Property Expert has uploaded the photographs, measurements, descriptions and floor plan - you will receive a message telling you that your advert is ready to approve. Simply press the “REVIEW ADVERT” button and go through the straightforward process. Once approved your advert will go live instantly on Rightmove.

What is the cost for a board?

Answer: If you are selling a property then the Purplebricks for sale board is included in the price (including the delivery and erection of the board). If you require a replacement board or would like one for your rental property, the cost is £60 plus VAT.

If you choose to pay later

Will pay later have an impact on my credit rating?

Answer: No. There will not be an imprint on your credit history.

If I choose to pay later, do I need to enter into a separate agreement?

Answer: No. Your agreement will be with Purplebricks Group Plc although we do have the right to assign the liability to a third party who own the liability and collect payment.

When do I pay my fees?

Answer: All of our customers have the choice between Pay now and Pay later when they instruct us to sell their property. Customers who choose Pay later are due to make payment when any of the following occurs, whichever happens first:

  • When the property sells and the legal process is complete;
  • Ten months from the date your property listing is published;
  • If you withdraw your instruction for us to market your property;
  • If you withdraw from using our conveyancing services*

*Please be aware that if you decide to use your preferred conveyancing service instead of our third party conveyancing partner after you have already instructed us via Pay later, an admin fee of £360 is payable if you still want to defer the payment for instruction. Alternatively, you can choose to pay the full instruction fee upfront instead in order to avoid paying an admin fee.

Viewings, feedback and offers

Can I suggest/recommend an alternative date for a viewing that is marked as not available?

Answer: Yes. All you need to do is select an alternative date and time in the live diary and this will either be confirmed immediately as an instant booking or be subject to approval by the opposing party.

Can I see all of my viewings, feedback and offers?

Answer: You will be able to see everything with the click of a button. You can see the second a viewing is booked, feedback provided/requested or an offer made. We will automatically seek feedback from anyone who has viewed your property. You will be the first person to receive the feedback and advice in terms of what it means for your marketing. With offers, you can accept or reject them, or pass them to us to deal with at no extra cost (if you are the seller or landlord).

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